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Hypocrisy - Dong Open Air 2023

Hypocrisy,  2023

There are only few faces in which death metal has claimed more space than in his: Peter Tägtgren. Stringy hair, pointed beard, a deep wrinkle on his forehead, and darkness under his eyes. One of the founding fathers of the scene who - ever since founding Hypocrisy in Stockholm anno 1991 – has been bringing the toughest metal heads to their knees. Hypocrisy were the Swedish response to thrash and Florida death metal. Their debut album Penetralia used sawing riffs, barking growls, and satanic hooks to express how they felt about Christianity.

The past thirty years, the Swedes developed their own style in over 13 studio albums and numeours tours towards a diabolical bouquet with UFO flair. And after Tätgtren had us wait for their 2021 release Worship for unbearable eight years, we know: It was worth it. Excellent thrash guitar volleys, devilish accord patterns, and paranoid snarls take us to the playground where every statue of the Virgin Mary gets blasted. And this summer, time has come for the cherubs on the Dong hill – Hypocrisy will be there to blast your ass!

Chemical Whore

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