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Diablo Swing Orchestra - Dong Open Air 2023

Diablo Swing Orchestra,  2023

With the Diablo Swing Orchestra, we have the honor to invite a band with the most impressive history ever to this year’s Dong Open Air! Which other band could possibly claim to have been founded in Middle Ages, only to be immediately banned by the church (devil’s music!)? Six hundred years later, anno 2003, the Diablo Swing Orchestra reincarnated in its current form, outsmarting the Pope.

The musical style of the band that’s known by everyone in Sweden is just as excentric as their biography: The Diablo Swing Orchestra mixes jazz, prog rock, and neo classic, seasoning their unholy melange with a decent dash of traditional metal, to finally celebrate the concoction “Riot Opera” with you. Do not miss out out D S O, they are definitely the dark horse at the Hill!

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