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W:O:A Metal Battle Finals back at the Dong!

11.02. 2019

The German finals of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle will yet again take place at the Dong!

Just like the Dong Open Air, the Metal Battle has the goal to provide a stage for the most talented bands of the international underground. Among the celebrated victors of the past were for example Battle Beast, whose career has since taken off and got them into the headliner slots for this year's Dong Open Air!

And since the concept of the Dong and the Metal Battle harmonize so well, the national participants of the world's largest international metal newcomer competition have been chosen at the Dong Open Air since 2013. Since there are more participating nations than there are competition slots available at the W:O:A, Germany bowed out last year – but that just means the bands will come back even stronger in 2019!

Last time, Syndemic played their way into one for the five winner slots for the international finals. Check out the video, get yourself tickets to the semi finals North and South – or just do what Syndemic did!

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