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Which bands will remain on the Dong Open Air XX lineup?

11.08. 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time! We are ready to tell you which bands of the Dong Open Air XX will move on from 2020 to 2021. But we are going to keep you in suspense: Instead of revealing the bands all at once, we'll update the line up image with one band every full hour. So keep track of the main page of dongopenair.de.

Mean? Unfortunately, things get just a little meaner with the following spoiler: regrettably, Anthrax are among thoe bands that can't make it in 2021.
But do you remember our most recent news, us talking about “sensations” and such? Exactly – we were talking about Anthrax' mysterious successor on the Dong stage.

Ok, so, get your browser window ready, pick up a towel for your moist hands and – most importantly – sit down, so this doesn't throw you off your feet!

Last but not least, a quick pointer for all of those who do not have a ticket yet: You can only order tickets at the 2020 price while the lineup has not yet been fully announced. So get your tickets now – it's very much worth it!