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Where did all the cans go, where have they gone?

01.04. 2020

As you can probably imagine, we are facing an unprecented challenge this year.

Unfortunatly, we have to be ready for the continuing pasta shortage having an impact on your prep time for the festival: You may not be able to stock up on canned ravioli like you are used to.

Thinking ahead for you, we already got in touch with the university Hochschule Rhein Waal, and the zdi – Zukunft durch Innovation (future through innovation) a while ago and are happy to let you know, we are part of a pilot project of the first festival food printer (“#foodini“) ever. Freshly printed, just from around the corner. To some, this may sound a little unnatural with a lot of chemistry involved – and they're absolutely right. But it still tastes great. The underlying concept is quickly explained: You buy food, blend it, fill it in cartrdiges, and finally press the ON button to witness the food come out in much funnier shapes that the ones it had before!

We will be offering pasta in the flavors tomato, bolognese, and the most popular one: garlic and nuts.

Please do make use of this offer, or the lines at the food stands will be unnecessary long, and it will be too much of a hassle to get some proper food before you start with the liquids.