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The Dong needs your support!

01.04. 2019

We have applied to the 'Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport' for an attractive cultural sponsorship for the anniversary Dong Open Air 2020.

The officials do not distribute money indiscriminately, of course, but make their decision only after an examination. While we don't want to offend anyone, but if you look at the past funding, you might think that a metal festival might seem a bit 'out there'. So it would be advantageous for us if we could present ourselves as a bit more sophisticated.

For this reason, the festival will be accompanied by several photographers and a small film team, who will hopefully capture many beautiful moments, which we would like to add to our application. But we don't want to rely on that alone.
That's why we asked all bands to wear casual evening attire and would like to ask you ourselves.

Cut-offs with patches are of course completely OK for a festival. But for our 'advertising photos' it's not necessarily the image we would like to convey. Of course the area in front of the stage is especially interesting for this kind of photos and will therefore be closed off to an 'Inner Circle'. The principle is probably known, with a short evaluation of your appearance, our crowd managers regulate the access to the front rows.

To make the festival go a bit smoother, you can book the Inner Circle Tickets for 15€ from Wed. 12 o'clock at noon on. In this case the evaluation will be cancelled.

We hope, of course, that you will not only show a little understanding for this unique measure, but that you will also adjust your clothing a little. Of course nobody expects a suit and a tie, but probably everyone will have something nice in their wardrobe.

Thank you very much,
your Dong Team