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The 20th Dong Open Air is postponed to July 14-16, 2022

11.05. 2021

Dear fans and friends of the Dong Open Air,

Unfortunately, today is the day on which we have to inform you that the Dong Open Air XX cannot take place this July, as we had planned for the past year, but will be postponed to July 14-16, 2022. The measures, including the most recent national and regional laws and provisions, that have been taken to control the pandemic continue to fall short on allowing for any kind of event, regardless of size. Furthermore, they lack to provide any kind of perspective for the affected industry. These rules and regulations will be revisited by or before July, however, we have no idea what to expect and therefore prepare.

In late 2020, the federal government intended a measure that would provide a financial backstop for events that could not be approved because of the pandemic. As this measure has not been put in place, it would be great economic risk to continue our plans for July, putting the existence of the Dong Kultur e.V. at risk itself.

So with a heavy heart, we had to decide that it isn't possible to kick off the final planning phase of the Dong Open Air. We have to pull the emergency brake and postpone the twentieth Dong Open Air to July 2022.

We are greatly disappointed about this fact as such and the many things that are connected to it. Nonetheless, we are keeping our heads up and look forward. The Dong Open Airs stand – just like Metal as a whole – for life, experiences, and joie de vivre based on fucking great music. We will not cease to work tirelessly for this attitude, which brings us to the good news of the day:

The first good one is: As we said, the twentieth Dong Open Air will take place. With the program that sticks to what we had planned for 2021 as closely as possible. Just like last year, most of the bands – just like ourselves – will try to move their shows 1:1 to next year. We are glad to tell you that Blind Guardian already confirmed their show for 2022 – and we are confident that we'll be able to keep most of the other bands for their “journey through the Dong”. We will keep you updated.

Your tickets for the twentieth Dong Open Air are still valid – no actions or updates required. We urge you to hold on to your tickets. After a year in the pandemic and another year ahead until the next festival, we rely on your continued solidarity. Should you know that you will not be able to make it in 2022, we would be grateful if you could consider selling your ticket to another fan or considering donating it.

The good message is that we currently have a few more Dong themed irons in the fire. One or the other will have to be turned into a decent piece of metal!
The first piece is already finished: Our brand-new “Never Gonna Give You Up” shirt, which illustrates the challenging path towards the Dong Open Air XX. And quite handsomely, too, in our opinion. You can preorder the shirt now or until May 23rd, it will be printed as a limited edition soon.
We have also dug through our archives and found various shirt designs of our Dong Open Air history, so get ready for some historic Dong cows in our shop!

Every purchased shirt will go towards our “pandemic fund” which is going into another year with out a Dong Open Air.

The remaining tickets for the Dong Open Air XX are currently available at the August 2020 price – at this point, we cannot say, how long these will last at this rate.
If you already have a ticket and a bursting wardrobe, you can still support us with a donation. We greatly appreciate any amount (with the payment note “Corona-Spende”) on this account.

Dong Kultur e.V.
Sparkasse am Niederrhein
IBAN: DE39354500001421901222

We are deeply grateful for all of the solidarity we have received from you so far!

Hang in there
Your Dong Team