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Storm Seeker get back up and accelerate!

30.01. 2019

Storm Seeker were the No.1 surprise of the Dong Open Air 2017, when they opened on Saturday, “only” armed with their debut EP and still managed to bring the tent to a boil. Of course, we invited the buccaneers from Neuss back to hear their new songs!

You may also still remember Impureza, the French act that had intended to blow us away with unsparing death metal with flamenco elements at the 2018 Dong? Drummer Guillermo became a father that weekend, so they couldn't make it to the hill. But this year, they're doubling down on their promise and will make up for the 2018 that was one of the most anticipated gigs of the weekend!

Furthermore, we're serving you the hottest shit from Portland, Oregon. Silver Talon have only been around since 2017, playing European inspired power metal, with their first EP causing some pitched pants tents in front of the stage among the fans of old Stratovarious, Soilwork or Gardenian. Sounds crazy, but it is what it is.

Last but not least, we're hitting your with Rising Insane from Bremen, Germany. Precise riffing, a mix of clear vocals and shouts, paired with highly energetic songs – a mix that blends into a hard, modern sound with a decent oomph!

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Your Dong Team