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Septicflesh and more!

25.01. 2019

We hope you had a good start into the new year and you're ready to hear about a bunch of bands for the nineteenth Dong! We had busy few weeks and do have a couple of those available for you right now:

No one less than Septicflesh will pack up some epic bombastic death metal and make their way from Athens to get you some serious goose bumps up on the Dong hill!

Blessed Hellride from Trier call themselves “Fucking Hairy Bastards.” Their expertise? Exactly – Pithy heavy rock is their secret recipe!

AngelInc are stopping by from around the corner: Duisburg. And they're coming by to bring some neck breaking melodeath, living up to a good tradition of local acts: Kicking ass and taking names!

Last but not least, we'd like to present you Snakebite! They're also a local band and they will truck over from Essen to get you all the hair metal you deserve!

These coming weeks, we'll hit you with new bands every couple of days. As usually, there will be the best selection of the several hundred bands from all over the world, who applied to play for you!

Get your ticket now and stay tuned!

Your Dong Team