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Parking tickets for sale for the first time!

13.12. 2018

Starting next Sunday, we will offer parking tickets for Dong Open Air for the first time. With your parking ticket you are securing yourself a parking slot on the official parking area of the festival. Our parking areas are located closest to the hill and keeping your care there will save you from worrying about being towed, a risk that unfortunately exists in the Gewerbegebiet Nord in Neukirchen.

Although we had been prepared for a strong demand, the parking area of the 2018 Dong was overcrowded / the demand had been unusually high. This forces us to make use of the limited area in the vicinity of the hill and to charge parking fees. Please only come with as many cars as you really need and organise yourselves a ride with friends to avoid traffic chaos and to minimize long walks.
In addition we will enhance our parking staff and are trying to get hold of additional parking areas close to the hill to minimize your walks.

The parking ticket will be €15 per car, the same as it was this summer on the other parking lots. It will be available in our shop as a separate article.

Stay calm and mosh hard,
your Dong Team