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New Dong Open Air Shirts!

15.07. 2020

There's more good news! Especially for those who had hoped for a summer collection of haute cow-ture from the house of Dong. Despite or maybe because of the Corona virus, there's our new t-shirt (also available as jackets, women's fit etc.), which proudly shows wisdoms about the state of the nation both on front and back. It also shows the ropes to the virus!

You can order now and only for a limited time until our merch partner Art Worx starts the production, mailing you the fine pieces of fabric straight to your home. The quality will be the same as the exceptional “Holidays in the Sun” motto shirts of 2019.

Each sold shirt is not just a great addition to the wardrobe of each buyer, but also a real bit of help for the Dong Kultur e.V. and the buddies over at Art Worx. The Dong Open Air is the main source of income for the Dong Kultur e.V. The revenue of the tickets that were sold so far will mainly go towards running the event next year, and of course, there won't be any income from food and merchandise sales at the festival this summer. It's true that our running costs are rather low compared to other people running festivals, because we have so many committed people working as volunteer. Still, there are costs we have to cover and the shirt sales would greatly help with that.

Many thanks for your attention and enjoy the shopping and your new attire!

Your Dong Team