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New Dong merchandise shipped before Christmas

23.11. 2021

Starting today, there are new dong shirts, ladies' shirts, zipper and hoodies featuring the brand-new creepy “Return from the Dead” design in our shop on dongopenair.de. But there's more: New Dong patches, beanies, caps, and shirts for babies and toddlers, as well as a small selection of shirts left from previous Dong Open Airs. In order to ensure delivery before Christmas Eve, you need to place your order until Sunday, the 28th of November. Most of the products will be made to order, so this is your only chance to get them before they disappear from the shop. So that's two great reasons not to wait!

Design and mockup shirt Return from the Dead

The third good reason would be that after over two years, we are still without any income from an actual Dong Open Air. With over 90% of tickets sold, we are well prepared for our shot at the Dong Open Air XX. But we can only score at the festival in July. The ticket sales are directly bound to the event and cannot be used for the running expenses of our nonprofit association we need to actually run the festival. So if you are choosing to dress yourself in some fine new Dong merch, you don't just look great, but you're also supporting the Dong Kultur e.V. (aka our nonprofit) during it's pandemic caused dry spell.

Many thanks for the support you have given us during the past months and years!
Your Dong Team