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Motto and shirt designs 2018

03.07. 2018

Hello, friends,

if you don't know what to wear for the eighteenth birthday of Dong Open Air Festival in a week and a half, we present you the two latest creations from Haute Cowture:

The little black dress, a timeless and elegant design with the motto 2018 ”ALIVE” on the chest and the heroes of the festival on the back, is guaranteed to make you a topic of conversation at every cocktail party.

If you prefer to wear something more daring and backless, you can alternatively decorate yourself with a design for which, in light of recent events, we are reviving the motto of D.O.A 2007: ”Paraskavedekatriaphobia”!

If you don't have a ticket for the festival yet, you still have the opportunity to get one in our shop.

See you in the fine twist!
Your Dong Team