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Memoriam and other rowdies!

07.02. 2020

We got more!:)

In 2017, they already tried their best to level the Dong hill. Since then, Karl, Frank, Scott, and Andy shot out two more records full of fatal musical lead, finest Birmingham brand. So much zeal deserves our admiration – so yet another opportunity to shake the hill: Memoriam, the rock-hard hybrid of Bolt Thrower and Benediction!

Finsterforst like it dark, even though we're switching over to pagan metal. The guys from the Black Forest celebrate their cozy paganism that's closely related to black metal quite a bit – as their party cover songs on their exceptional album “#YOLO” shows. Mosh guaranteed!

Bonded brings back two old friends! Bernemann and Makka continue their old traditions with a brand new saddle and proper ants in their pants, with the same perfection they already showed with Sodom: Thrash from around here!

Last but not least, today, we present you with Dirty Shirt! The first Dong band from Romania has caught our ear with their blend of Balkan folklore and metal of all walks of life, we just couldn't keep them from you!

More information, colorful images, and video/audio samples are available on our band profiles!

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More announcements coming soon!

Your Dong Team