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Members of Saxon and Doro in Neukirchen-Vluyn because of gravel mining

11.03. 2022

Dear Dong Fans,

in Neukirchen-Vluyn and neighboring cities large areas, including fields in the immediate environment of the Dong hill, are supposed to be used for gravel mining. In Neukirchen-Vluyn alone, they are planning to use 180 hectares, so about the size of 250 soccer fields.

If you would like to know what kind of consequences this has, please check www.daspinkekreuz.de, the website of an action alliance, which has a frequent vigil at the the Hof Noltanien (farm) at Boschheidestr. 52 in Neukirchen-Vluyn.
Coming Sunday, March 13th, at 15:00, Paul Quinn, Saxon guitarist, and Klaus Vanscheidt, Doro guitarist, will join the vigil to call attention to the gravel mining. You are invitied to find out more about the subject there (please make use of the public parking at the school center).

In addition there's the website of another initiative, www.mitgestalten-nv.de. Check the “links” section for references to other sources, their opinions about the plans – and the actual plans.

If you would like to object to the gravel farming in this area (even as non-residents) until April 29th, you can use the forms on both of the abovementioned websites or at the vigil of #DasPinkeKreuz.

Thank you for your attention,
your Dong Team