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Fake Events

12.06. 2021

You may have noticed that particularly after festivals and concerts were cancelled or postponed, online events with the exact same title, images, and lineup pop up. These online events are usually fake. There were also fake online events after the Dong Open Air XX was postponed.

These events copy our images and lineup but maintain the 2021 date. We, however, currently do not plan any online events at all.

Despite reporting these fake events, little to nothing has been done about them. The people in charge of the respective platforms do not seem to care about the damage done to those who actually run the festivals and concerts.

Should you be unsure if an event that's advertised is actually run by us, the Dong Kultur e. V., drop by our website dongopenair.de – our events are never only on social media, but they will always be featured on the website as well.

We are currently working hard on a silver lining during this year. The Dong Open Air XX, however, is firmly set for July 14-16, 2022. Tickets are available in our shop, at metaltix and eventim.

Stay tuned for everything that is to come – dropping by our site during the next few weeks will be worth your while! ;)

Take care and see you soon!
your Dong Team