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Emil Bulls and four more highlights

13.02. 2020

If you still feel rooted in alternative music, you may have already noticed this: For the past ten years, Emil Bulls have sounded just the way In Flames wish they did. Their current cover album “mixtape” translates Billie Eilish's “You Should See Me in a Crown” from krypto pop to a loud & quiet song that hits you right in the feels. The Bull's interpretation of the Pixies' classic “Where is my Mind” is so great, rationally, there is no proper excuse as to why any show in between now and retirement should end in any other way.
Rarely have bands with a different musical starting point snuck themselves so easily into the heart of a metal head! Celebrate 25 years of Emil Bulls with us!

Other party guests on the list are NanowaR of Steel. The crazy Romans with an inclination for shenanigans worship Odin just as much as IKEA, and only last Christmas treated us to their song and video “Valhalleluja”, including a guest role of Gloryhammer's Angust McFife. Their shows in Germany are few and far between – so this is your chance!

Laughing matters are off the list with the Ukrainian death metal band 1914 as they focus on the acoustic transportation of the horrors of World War I. An impressive experience, so we are looking forward to a true genre highlight in the moshpit!

Just as aggressive, but with a slightly more jovial attitude, Sisters of Suffocation serve you their deadly lead. After their first Dong show in 2017, the predominantly female quartet from Eindhoven is looking forward to kick your ass yet again!

Last but not least, we present you the Galactic Superlords, a veritable cherry on the retro rock cake. Friends of the Blues Pills will be pleased as Punch with this Cologne based quintet!

Apart from the yet to be established German finalists of the Wacken Metal Battle, this is it for our Dong Open Air 2020 lineup! Check out our affectionately scribbled band profiles so you don't miss out.

Oh, and get your tickets in the shop, we're still selling at a record-level pace.

Your Dong Team