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Craving, Wulfpäck, and Hideous Divinity!

02.02. 2019

Today you're in for a triple punch in the face!

Craving from Oldenburg return to the Dong hill to present their skillful performance of beating you with their blend of finest melodeath and aggressive black metal!

The Coburg based thrasher of Wulfpäck have similar plans. Back in 2015, they were the youngest band in Dong history – and this year they are returning matured and with their first album!

Crude, technical assault is what Hideous Divinity are commonly charged with. Making their way from Rome, these five gladiators are setting out to collect some more warrants in our neighborhood.

If your ears need a good blast cleaning, make sure you are on Mount Moshmore from the 11th to the 13th of July!

Find more information about the acts on their band profiles!

Mosh on,
your Dong Team