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Blind Guardian play the Dong Open Air XX!

12.08. 2020

Incredible, but true: Blind Guardian are the new headliner for the Dong Open Air XX! With this, we have come full circle in our Dong founding member team – the one who motivated the other founders to actually start the Dong Open Air a good twenty years ago, had originally found his love for metal only through the Krefeld bards and their album “Nightfall in Middle Earth”.

And although we are talking about one of the greatest German metal acts, yet another band is going to enter the stage which is actually a part of the Dong audience. At least Markus, André and Hansi have attended the festival in previous years and partied side by side with you.
So it is just like Hansi said in our video trailer: The circle closes, we bring together what belongs together! And we are beyond excited about it!

Another addition to the program are the Swedish Brothers of Metal, who became one of the most promising European newcomers with their power and true metal mix and their most recent album “Emblas Saga”!

Unfortunately, Anthrax and Myrath can't make it in 2021, but we are trying our utmost to make sure this is just a rain check.

Get your tickets now, to spend July 8 to 10, 2021 rocking with Blind Guardian, Testament, Skindred, Emil Bulls, DragonForce, Fiddler's Green, Blaze Bayley, Memoriam, and all the other musical goodies!

Slow down and I walk to the hill!
Your Dong Team