Blaze Bayley, Grailknights, Fabulous Desaster

18.04. 2018

Today, we'll hit you with another one!

Blaze Bayley is going to be at the Dong Open Air 2018! The congenial ex-Iron Maiden singer has a brand new album and a very successful tour to go along with it.

It's time for heroes again: the Grailknights, too, carry a new record under their capes and won't miss Mount Moshmore!

Last but not least, we have selected lovely thrash from by Fabulous Desaster for you – get fit for the pit!

Listen up: This year's ticket sale is going even better than in 2017. So if you are out there, trying to get a ticket just in the nick of time before the festival – don't say, we didn't warn you ;)

Caring, thoughtful and excited,
Your Dong Team