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Best ticket sale kick off of the past years!

17.12. 2018

Three's a charm: Comparing the last three years, we can state that the Early Bird tickets for 2018 were sold out after about three days, this time it only took you a little under three hours – although the available number of tickets had been them same!
We were impressed to see you ordered about the number of tickets as you did in 2017 – in the first three months!
You all seemed to put on your decision making pants yesterday!

In 2017 and 2018 we already registered visitor records and sold out on tickets before the festival.
So if you want to join us on the hill in 2019, we advise you to book soon – things are looking like we'll close the online shop earlier than during the past two years this time.

When you order parking tickets, please consider that you will need to order two parking tickets if you want to park your camping wagon on the next available slot beside your car.

Thank you all!
your Dong Team