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A major thank you from the Moshbox!

08.08. 2020

Firstly: Shame on us. This feedback about last weekend's moshbox took a while to get to you. We will elaborate on the fairly interesting reasons for this below. Let's start with a few words about the premiere of the moshbox:

For three days, we witnessed an incredibly wonderful atmosphere and mood we had very much longed for after the recent events. The fantastic feeling of hearing LIVE music beyond what was acceptable in your own home! Many of the guests took the time to talk to us and express their appreciation, while all of the bands were stoked to meet you.

You all mastered this exceptional situation with commendably considerate behavior and did you part to make this format the success it proved to be! Thank you! The mood was sublime, the weather near perfect, and all of the shows were great!

Long Distance Calling and Isaac Vacuum delivered the most atmospheric kickoff you could have wished for. Rage and Crossplane prescribed a much needed heavy stress test to you neck muscles, while Aeverium and Haggard worked overtime on Sunday, playing twice.
We would also like to express our thanks to the Horst Hansen trio, who played an impressive jazz session on Saturday about noon.

Once again, we were supported by the most amazing crew who worked exceptionally at over 30°C/86°F in the scorching sun. Thank you all for each drop of sweat, each minute of your free time you donated to us and the event.

We would also like to thank the rest of the Dong Open Air crew, who couldn't help out due to the Corona regulations, but all offered their help. We hope to have you back next time around!

Another big thank you to the Neukirchen-Vluyn firefighters. It's good to have you by our side.

It's amazing to see the proof that live events with a careful execution can be possible even during Corona times – and how happy this makes everyone! We will try our best to make this happen again!

And now a few words about the reasons why it took us a while to get back to you: On the one hand, the organization team continues to do the splits between the best possible realization of events and PR, which may come with a little delay. On the other hand, part of the team was involved in Wacken:World:Wide – another corona born concept.

On top of all this, the next piece of news is nothing short of sensational!

All we can say at this point, though, is that you should really consider stopping by www.dongopenair.de over the next days. You are in for a massive “OMGWTF!”


Your Dong Team