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2022 Lineup complete, 90% of tickets sold, new merch on Tuesday!

17.11. 2021

The line-up for the 2022 Dong Open Air 2022 has been completed! Sure, it's another eight months until the festival, but we're sure this is a decent basis for your anticipation to get you through that time!

If you do not have tickets for the Dong Open Air XX yet, get going, because 90% of the tickets have already been sold. Not much of a surprise, when you look at the line-up:

Testament are dying to finally play their current album “Titans of Creation” – their best placed album in Germany no less – live on stage, while Emil Bulls, Fiddler's Green, Blaze Bayley, and Skyclad have switched to anniversary mode (2x 25 & 2 x 30 years of band / legend history). Only this year did Memorian bless us with their neckbreaking album “To the End”, as Skindred secured a new label deal and can't wait to hit you with the successor of “Big Tings”. To tear the Dong off the hill – which sound just like something Knorkator would sign up for!

All of this is carried by the fundament of great acts, such as the siblings Brothers of Metal and Sisters of Suffocation, the Moshbox veterans Volter and Galactic Superlords. And then there's Wind Rose, 1914, Nanowar of Steel, the Dong hurricane 2004 survivors Disillusion, and quite a few more.

Oh, and then there's Blind Guardian. The band, who may be partially responsible for the fact that the Dong Open Air actually got started, and with their show at the 20th anniversary will have come full circle, epically at that.

Well? Feel like you're ready for three days of summer festival on the Dong hill where the view is just as good as the program? Then get your ticket now!
And just in time for the Christmas tree, we will have new merch available for you, starting on Tuesday, Nov 23rd, and for a very limited time only! You can pick from t-shirts and hoodies, zipper hoodies, and for the very first time time also hats, beanies, and patches! Better not miss out!

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Your Dong Team