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Terms and Conditiions:

General Terms and Conditions

of the Dong Kultur e.V. for the attendance of the Dong Open Air and the purchase of wristbands.

§ 1 Organisor and applicability

Organisor of the Dong Open Air music festival at the Halde Norddeutschland at the Geldernschen Straße in 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany, is the Dong Kultur e.V. with its office at Wichernstrasse 87 in 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany, represented by the executive board.

For the attendance of the Dong Open Air music festival all the following terms and conditions apply.

§ 2 Purchase of Tickets

Tickets can be purchased in two different ways:


  • as vouchers online in advanced sale
  • at the box office during the opening hours unless the festival has sold out during the online pre-sale

There is a contract only between the legal owner of the ticket voucher or wristband and the organiser. The voucher or wristband permits a one-time attendance at the event mentioned on the voucher. When showing the voucher or when buying a ticket at the box office, the vendee obtains a wristband which from that time on is the ticket to the event.

If such a wristband cannot be shown, admission to the venue will not be permitted. If the seal of the wristband happens to open or break, the wristband will be replaced upon request at the box office.
By purchasing the ticket to the event, the vendee accepts the terms and conditions.

Any abuse of vouchers, IDs or wristbands will consequently lead to its collection and a declaration of nullity as well as legal action.

§ 2.1 The purchase of tickets on advanced sale per online-order.

The Dong Kultur e.V. is responsible for offering and processing of the advanced sale of tickets online (www.dongopenair.de).

The offer for a contract conclusion and the purchase of tickets respectively is an act of the vendee. For this, in the last step of the online-order the icon „Bestellung bestätigen“ has to be marked/clicked. With this action, the customer authorizes and assigns the Dong Kultur e.V. with the proper processing of the online-order.

If the order was correctly placed, includes all required information and tickets are still available, the orderer receives a written confirmation via email. This email also contains the bank data as well as the amount to be transferred to this account for the transaction of the tickets sale.

As soon as the order form for tickets has been filled out correctly, all necessary information has been supplied and when upon completion of the order the number of desired tickets is still available, a binding contract is concluded and the buyer receives a written confirmation via email. This email also contains the bank data as well as the amount to be transferred to this account for the transaction of the tickets sale. If the requested amount is not transferred to the stated account 14 days after the email with the bank data was sent, the order can be cancelled by the vondor.

After the receipt of payment, the customer receives a written assignation via email. This email includes a voucher (order number) for the ordered ticket(s).

This email including the order number is to be printed on a standard printer. This print is to be carefully retained and to be kept from larceny and/or unauthorised copying, which also applies to the email. Presenting this voucher along with a valid state-issued ID authorises the owner to exchange the voucher for a wristband which permits the access to the stage area.

Redemption of this voucher is only possible once. All ordered tickets have to picked up when the voucher first is presented at the box office. Any claim of wristbands at a later point of time with the same voucher is invalid.

Vouchers are good to be exchanged on any of the two days of the event. At the pick, the customer is responsible for checking on the congruence of his order and the wristbands he receives himself.

The salestax is included in the price of the ticket.

Revocation of the order is impossible

The resale of tickets is only allowed if the price they are resold at doesn't exceed the initial price.

§ 2.2 Purchase of Tickets at the Box Office.

It's up to the discretino of the Dong Kultur e.V., if and what amount of tickets are to be sold at the box office at the Dong Open Air festival.

§ 2.3 Protection of minors.

Youth over 16 years old and less than 18 years old will be expelled from the areas which require a wristband to enter, unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Youth under 16 years of age may only be admitted to the festival if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. As an alternative parents or legal guardians may transfer their duty of supervision to a person of legal age according to §2 Abs. 2 Nr. 2 JuSchG. If the appropriate document and the supervising person can be presented to security personnel, admittance will be granted.

§ 3. Returning Wristbands

Wristbands are non-returnable. If the seal of the wristbands happens to open or break, presenting it at the box office, it can be renewed.

§ 4. Liability

The organisers and their auxiliary persons are only liable for damage caused by intention or in an act of gross negligence. Statutory liability applies to damages regarding injury of life, body or health .

Only constructed paths and routes on the Halde Norddeutschland may be used. Off the festival area and off those routes accidents are likely to happen (due to swampy deepenings and steep slopes). The organiser is not liable in those cases.
The use of thestairs that lead up the hill and the associated bridge, the so-called „Himmelsleiter“, is, subject to agreement with the local authorities, prohibited as it is considered to be of a high risk potential.

Due to the loud volume in the stage area, it is highly recommended to wear earplugs (or any other kind of ear protection)! The organiser is not accountable for any kind of hearing damage.

§ 5. Admission

Admission to the stage area will be no later than half an hour before the program begins that particular day and will be – as long as it runs trouble-free – possible (with a valid wristband) at any time.

Camping on the festival area is only possible and allowed on the three days of the event and until 14:00 on the successive day of departure.

§ 6. Cancellation of the Event

If venue or date have to be changed for any reason, any claim of damages or refund of travelling cost is invalid. This also applies to changes in the event program and/or cancellation of single performances.

The ticket price will only be refunded in the case of a general cancellation of the entire event until two weeks after the event’s date.

§ 7. Security and Domestic Authority

Orders of the security personel and official supervisors respectively have to be obeyed unconditionally.

On the entire stage and camping area as well as the entire venue area, the organiser is the domestic authority. Disturbances of any kind are to be refrained from, other attendees are to be taken into consideration.

The organiser may expel persons, who disturb the event, from the venue. In this case any claim of refund of the ticket price is invalid.

It's prohibited to bring weapons or weapon-like objects to the venue. Attendees with weapons or weapon-like objects are not permitted to enter. Studded wristbands are prohibited as well due to the high risk of unintentional injuries.

On the entire area it's prohibited to light open fire. This includes: charcoal barbecues, torches and camp fires. Standard gas cookers are allowed.

Security personel is authorised to inspect pockets etc and to confiscate inadmissible objects for the duration of the event.

Guests who are not willing to deposit inadmissible objects outside the venue area, may be expelled from the event without refunding the ticket price.

The entrainment of drinks not bought at the bar of the festival is prohibited within the stage and concert area, as well as any glas is.

Persons, once expelled from the area, are not allowed to return for the duration of the event.

Persons under the influence of drugs may despite a valid ticket be kept from entering the venue and may be expelled from it.

Animals and pets are – taking animal protection into consideration – are not allowed in the stage area.

Driving up the Halde Norddeutschland is not permitted to motorised vehicles. Parking those vehicles or any other means of transportation is only permitted on designated areas and is at the vehicle holder's own risk.

Any commercial trade, not sanctioned by the Dong Kultur e.V., is to be refrained from on the festival area.

The organiser is allowed to record or to have the private security company record the personal data of people arrested due to criminal behaviour or violation of domestic guidelines.

The owner of a ticket agrees to having his personal data forwarded to authorities in the case of a justified suspicion regarding the threat of public order and safety.

§ 8. Audio- and picture recording

The organiser may prohibit bringing along video- and audio recording devices into the stage area.

In this case audio-, video- and film-recording – also for private use – are not permitted.

Non-observance of this prohibition will lead to expulsion from the stage area. Violation can be prosecuted.

The attendee of the event allows the organiser for the duration of the event to record pictures of him free of charge, to send this picture material as well as to use it in audiovisual media for advertisement. No further marketing will be involved. This consent is give with no areal or temporal limitations.