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Wulfpäck,  2019

It has been four years since we got to welcome the pack of thrashers, aptly named Wulfpäck, with the youngest band members in our festival history – their drummer back then was only 14. Today, the guys from the Franconian backlands are more mature, but certainly no less loud than they were in 2015. Wolfpäck make sociocritical highspeed thrash metal, which is on par with the old heroes. They always have a surprise up their sleeves: A song like “Glorycide” moves from being a ballad towards the finest riff storm.

The Coburg-based thrash squadron not only draws inspiration from the publications of various bay area acts, but also from less obvious sources like punk and hip hop. After publishing their first demo and the EP “Pork” the guys beat in their first full length album “War Ain’t Over” last year. The title speaks for itself: Wulfpäck will hit you with their broadside!

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