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Volter,  2022

From the beautiful lower Saxony, Volter travel to the Hill to celebrate the legacy of a certain Ian Fraser Kilmister. The Hanover based trio does not simply rely on disdainful Motörhead cover versions, but instead presents an incredible delight in playing their own songs – but in the style of the loudest rock’ n’ roll band in the world.

And as a matter of fact: The guys soaked up the spirit of the 80s and bring across a sound so dirty, we’re positive that Lemmy would shed a happy tear or two into his bourbon, if only he could hear them. If you close your eyes, you’re almost prone to think the late pastor’s son himself was up on the stage – that’s how close front man (and bass player, of course) Gregor gets to the Brit who passed away in 2015. What? Can’t believe this? Songs like “Rock ‘n‘ Roll” or “Volter” from their most recent album “Off to War” should eliminate any last doubt. If you feel like dirty rock, Volter will electrify you!

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Rock ‘n’ Roll

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