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Victim,  2019

Get your Delorean ready, activate the flux capacitor, accelerate to 88 mph and buckle up for the 80s! Well, we might not need such drastic means just because we really feel like some down to earth metal in the style of the old thrash gods. The metal squad Victim has been around the block a couple of times in the Thuringian underground and made quite a splash – and the neck pain that goes with it.

By now, the guys have recorded a demo and three eps and have already toured with Sodom and Dr. Living Dead. They come across so authentic, a fan wrote: “Metallica should hang with these dudes for a weekend, so they can remember what they forgot.” Thrashed blasts such as “Forced Cremation” incline us to agree wholeheartedly. But see for yourselves, judge the talent of the Weimar-based freaks – no time travel necessary – preferably with a beer in your hand right in front of our stage!

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Endless Source of Hate

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