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Tyler Leads

Tyler Leads,  2022

Not just around here, but also at the French Hellfest, Tyler Leads got the take their unpolished bastard of dirty stoner, heavy and hard rock out on the audience. When the rock rebels played our stage in 2018, they impressively proved that it doesn’t take decades of stage experience to properly escalate on the hill.

Tyler Leads are THE live act par excellence: the guys from Recklinghausen use their powerful riffs and Johnny Kovac’s rock vocals to transform any gig into a beer thirsty fight club, which would make their name patron Tyler Durden eat out his heart. What? Still not convinced? The live recorded album “Stay Ugly” and its fast-paced opener “Call of the Wild” will do the rest. We predict: The guys will the the hill into an Electric Wasteland, make you sweat and kickstart your endorphine production!

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Call of the Wild

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