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The Crimson Ghosts

The Crimson Ghosts,  2019

Carpe Mortem – Seize the Death. This may have been on the minds of a group of ghouls from Cologne when they left their tombs on Halloween 2001 to terrorize the world. In 2019, the Crimson Ghosts celebrate their 18th birthday – as their rank befits them – with us: The toughest band in horror punk is coming back to the place where they delivered a grand gig in 2014, to treat the Halde Norddeutschland to yet another blood-soaked black mess.

Despite their extended break from live shoes, dead eyes can see: After all these years among the the living, the Generation Gore is well away from representing any human traits. Vlad, Jackal, Monstro, and Old Nick continue to make eery, catchy rock, but they’re also scarily good looking. No surprise. 2001 is a good vintage. ;) With their current, fifth album “Yet Not Human” ready to be released on the hill, the Ghosts are setting out to release the beasts.

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