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Storm Seeker

Storm Seeker,  2019

Once you can smell a whiff of sea water and black powder in front of the stage, hear the tent’s planks creak, and your beer starts to taste like grog – this can only mean one thing: The pirate scum, also known as Storm Seeker, sets out to enter the stage. The crew initially ganged up anno 2013 and have since used hurdy-gurdy, cello, and tin whistle to start a decent sea fight at any festival with their pirate metal.

This scourge of the seven seas already plagued us in 2017 and Storm Seeker were welcomed by an excited crew. But even offstage, they showed no mercy. Keyboarder Tim never tires to blast the camp ground with his Cantina cover band. In other news, the buccaneers have a new addition, Fabi on the hurdy-gurdy, and a fresh album on deck. Join them as they brave the waves – or the Klabautermann will get you.

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The Longing

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