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Steel Panther

Steel Panther,  2019

This band is impossible. Although our calendars insists it is 2019, Steel Panther –probably the most sexualizing band on the planet – have managed a stiff and steady rise over the years, but have not yet reached the climax of their success. Their musical talent defeats any disbelievers, as do their hits, how close they are to the audience, for example when they muster up local language skills to ask for their fans’ sexual preferences – all of it pays off. Especially in Germany.

With all the performance and (self) irony, the most impressive thing about Steel Panther may just be what you don’t see. They have skillfully mastered the fine art not to laugh, as well as the discipline to keep their hands to themselves. If you feel like a singalong orgy of political incorrectness without overstepping any bounds with present company, you should definitely show up to the tête-à-tête with the boys from L.A. Up on the hill, we are joining what needs be joined: Steel Panther will ride the Dong Open Air!

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Death to All but Metal

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