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Source of Rage

Source of Rage,  2019

At the Wacken Metal Battle national semifinal, Source of Rage from Lower Saxony already held their ground with melodic, groovy riffs. We are looking forward to welcome the quartet to the national final taking place on the Dong hill. They will not only be throwing their head in the ring, but also introduce their debut album “Realize the Scope”. Oliver and the three bothers Marko, Thilo, and Riko know what they’re doing and have sufficiently proven their talent touring with Drone, Heresy, and Imminence.

The guys from around Hildesheim have no reason to hide behind their role models, among whom are Lamb of God and In Flames. Songs like “A Matter of a Coward” and “Loud Blood” will kick your ass with a decent groove, hitting your ears with riff after riff. You might just feel like there’s more than one guitarist on stage. Where to find the source of their rage? On our stage, of course!

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A Matter of a Coward

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