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Solar Fragment

Solar Fragment,  2019

Power Metal no longer has anything to offer? Solar Fragment are kicking ass and taking names! The Dong brings the Dortmund-based formation on the stage making the yeast bang in the beer. The five guys have been playing together for 15 years, constantly delivering melodic power metal with anthem characteristics: catchy, fresh, free from clichés, and easily comparable to Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray. Some songs are faster, some slower and heavy, some have an epic feel to them: The quintet abstains from any orchestral paraphernalia and instead makes ample use of purring guitar cats, rugged rhythms, and through and through solid vocals.

They have already completed numerous shows with notable genre colleagues. On top of this, there are their two albums, and “In Our Hands” is ennobled by no one less than Hansi Kürsch on the track “Inside the Circle.” After a short break during which the band members fathered seven children, Solar Fragment are back and ready to rock the Dong hill with firm, earthy power metal!

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Inside the Circle

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