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Snakebite,  2019

The Ruhr area hard rock scene has nothing to hide – but this fact has not been communicated as well as it should. Fortunately, Snakebite offered to give us some extra mentoring on the subject. The quartet produces an unfilled hard rock distillate with some mangy sleaze attitude. Get ready for some rebellion in songs like “Freedom” or “Heroes of the Unknown,” but without the usual clichés. A concept that has earned the band a decent share of good reviews from the music press.

The guys‘ motto is: “No compromise and all the fun!” Enter Julian on his drums, beating the kit with a baseball bat – this is where you should come to the point of realizing they mean business! Melodic riffs and breakneck speed often cause a fast rhythmic twitch in the neck area of sleaze fans in the presence the stage. They already warmed up as support for W.A.S.P. and Kissin’ Dynamite, so they’re ready to show of what those hairdos are capable!

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Run Fast

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