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Sisters of Suffocation

Sisters of Suffocation,  2022

Although they got some extra testosterone with Dummer Fons on the tour van, and the overall line up went on a bit of a spin, the Sisters of Suffocation still blast their deadly lead at anyone with ears and a heartbeat.

After their Dong show in 2017, their releases really started taking off. Their first album “Anthology of Curiosities” hit the stores in October of that very year, in memory of their incredibly personable booker Bidi van Drongelen, who had passed away a few months earlier. The song “I swear” is probably the deepest and most desperate song of their work. However, their successor “Humans are Broken” from 2019 is their most mature piece. All of their records have one thing in common: The pure joy of playing music emanating from the very young Dutch band who jump across the border yet again to do what’s most important: Play!

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I Swear

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