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Silver Talon

Silver Talon,  2019

Portland, Oregon, is known for their hippies and alternative culture in the United States. Around here, we’re more partial to connecting it to harder subjects. Like that Portland cement that you recently used to straighten out your driveway. Now it doesn’t come as a surprise that four long haired guys with a soft spot for hard music met there. Silver Talon are clearly ensouled by the Gothenburg sound of the turn of the millennium, but still made the choice to play power metal. So the band’s style often reminds of Soilwork, and the best years of Stratovarious.

The brand new mini LP “Becoming a Demon” of the guys from Silicon Forest shows a respectable accomplishment, combining old school with something very new. Guitars in neckbreaking speed as we know them from Dragonforce, embedded in a neoclassic vibe that gets right into your blood.
Fans of Nevermore, Savatage, traditional heavy and power metal, listen up! And you may want to leave this part out of the story when you make the appointment with your chiropractor after the show.

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