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Septicflesh,  2019

Care for technically advanced death metal, spiced up with a hand full of bombast and a dash of gothic metal? Come on in to see the Greek wrecking ball Septicflesh! In their 25 year band history, the guys treated themselves to a 4 year sabbatical – but ever since their return, Spiros & Co. are fresh than ever, going full throttle at each show – a total of fourteen releases gives them a decent repertoire to pick from.

They are still extremely complex: Untamed, evil growls, and brutal riffs, paired with gothic vocals and bulky orchestral parts deliver a sound befitting the apocalypse. The latter element is oftentimes supported by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Bombast grenades such as “Portrait of a Headless Man” from their most recent album “Codex Omega” is one of the reasons why the band has – alongside their compatriots of Rotting Christ – become one of the Greek metal top acts. No discussions: Mandatory attendance!

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Portrait of a Headless Man

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