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Rising Insane

Rising Insane,  2019

‘Twas the year 2017 when Rising Insane presented their maiden work “Nation” to the world. Ever since then, they storm stages up and down the country. And although the band seems to have made it a hobby to promote a local, Hanseatic, caffeinated beverage they do not spend their time offstage on the couch with a bottle. Instead, they create on kick ass video clip after the other.

The quintet from the “People’s republic of Bremen” stands for well-played modern metal somewhere between NWoAHM and post hardcore – without overdoing it on the breakdowns, but with a couple of punk influenced riffs. We were not surprised when the whole thing showed classic signs of a rebellion against our standard song structures. When the band isn’t busy being chased by the powerful drums, they come across as skillfully atmospheric. Singer Aaron’s smooth voice confidently switches between guttural growls and clean singing. Find out yourself!

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