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NanowaR of Steel

NanowaR of Steel,  2022

With the Roman experts of parody metal, you should expect hard guitar play in more than just way, spiced up with a big serving of humor. The illustrious band around front man Potowotominimak draw their inspiration from a great many things, where Nordic mythology is as much of an inspiration as the Ikea catalogue.

In their compositions, they stop for nothing, certainly not for cliches. Melting Reggaeton and metal to the Dong 2020 summer hit while making fun of Burzum or devotionally making Odin the God of Billy shelves in “Vallhallelujah” or going deep into the romance with “And Then I Noticed That She Was A Gargoyle” at a NanowaR (of Steel) show, the grimmest folks smile until their cheeks bleed. At the altest, once Fabio Lione von Rhapsody (of Fire) joins the in “Barbie, Milf Princess of the Twilight.”

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Norwegian Reggaeton

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