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Kataklysm,  2019

This summer, you’ll hear a tik-tok: One of the most precise clockworks death metal has to offer! Kataklysm, alongside Behemoth, brought a fresh breeze to their genre like no one else. Their groovy riffing, which comes across as Pantera-esque at times, the precise atomic clock drumming, and singer Maurizio’s rough voice have deservedly secured them a spot on top of the Olymp of jackhammer quality.
With all the rigidity and discipline, their sound still leaves room for melodic nuances, setting themselves apart from the other representatives of the fine art of brutal musical beatings.

The Quebecois quartet has a special connection to their German fans. According to the band themselves, they have never faced more enthusiastic crowds in their almost three decades of band history as they have here. So don’t be shy, when Kataklysm play their only German festival show in 2019, setting out to burn down Mount Moshmore!

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