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Insomnium,  2019

Hailing from one of the most remote corners of frosty Finland, not far from the Russian border: The melodic death veterans of Insomnium. Founded in Joensuu in 1997, the band can look back on seven studio albums and two EPs. The main subjects of their songs are not very life affirming, as they deal with sadness, loss, pain, and nature. Beautifully melancholic melodic death metal that is the perfect soundtrack to getting drunk by yourself at home in your underwear. Or kalsarikännit as the Finn calls it.

Fortunately, the Finns are also excellent company to have around, which they most recently proved when their toured with their current album “Winter’s Gate.” Get the best of two worlds, please do show up at the concert with your underwear and your beer and enjoy a highly atmospheric soundscape and mystical goose bump moments brought to you by Insomnium!

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While We Sleep

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