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Impureza,  2019

Brewed in the cauldron of cultures – metal can do a lot of things, especially in different ways. Ever since their foundation in 2004, Impureza have proven that heavy beatings, sluggish doom or brutal death do not have to shine in isolation. Martial gargling with rhythmic Flamenco: The quintet from Orléans create a perfect blend of fast death metal with Spanish folklore, creating a sweaty, slippery mosh floor for intensive headbanging and spectacular leg work.

In their two albums clacking castanets meet harsh blast beats, both thoroughly broken with Spanish vocals. After 45 minutes of Impureza, you’ll feel as if you’re watching Max Cavalera and Paco de Lucía duel in a clapping circle. A sound that can be described as a skillfully executed and coherent mixture of two musical worlds. Find out for yourself when Impureza storm the Dong, catching up on their 2018 cancellation (due to newborn additions to the family) and finally make the beer yeast bounce along in 12/8 time.

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El Nuevo Reino De Los Ahorcados

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