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Hideous Divinity

Hideous Divinity,  2019

Norway, 2006, the year is in its last breaths, when the Italian Enrico Schettino decides to found a brutal technical death metal band: Hideous Divinity’s birth hour! By now, the guys – among whom you also find Aborted’s current bassists Stefano Franceschini – have moved their headquarters to Italy and also checked a number of other things off their bucket list: Thirteen years after their inception, Hideous Divinity look back on various festival gigs, a headliner tour, as well as three released concept albums.

Get ready for a sonic battle like no other, because every single Hideous Divinity song means merciless drumfire in your audio canal. Despite the breakneck speed, the Italian crew works with incredible precision and brutality, leaving even the most well-seasoned metalhead breathless. Are you hard enough to block this ugly deity’s path?

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Feeding Off The Blind

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