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Hämatom,  2023

If you feel like a decent blend of thrash metal and Neue Deutsche Härte, you should probably just go for Hämatom’s Nord, Süd, Ost, and West. Founded in beautiful Speiersdorf in Franconia, Germany, the quartet proven to be an unstoppable force, conquering the stages of Germany with their ten albums in almost 20 years. High time to repeat this trick at the Dong Open Air.

They left behind their reputation as the nation’s story tellers and moved on to expand their repertoire with social criticism. The band clearly doesn’t bottle up their anger, but screams their opinions into unequivocally into the face of the world. When it starts to rain beer instead of water up on the Dong Hill, the FREAK family will gain a new member or two – and if you get out of the moshpit without any hematoma, you certainly weren’t there when the bogeyman let hell break loose!

Es regnet Bier

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