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Gloryhammer,  2019

No later than their second album “Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards,” and the following concerts, we know what we were dealing with: the hottest glowing aspirants for a membership in the power metal pantheon. Or in other words: Gloryhammer are the hottest shit!

Inspired by the most colorful dragon riders of the genre, Gloryhammer invented a fairly stupid story of evil unicorn, a wizard with a terrible name, and the Hootsman, who at least gets to drink at the end of every show. For this occasion, the shows that is, all of the musicians dress silly, but still manage to have everyone want to be in the first row.

This was also true for Dong 2017, where Angus McFife and the Hootsman had you guys eating from their hands. According to the two, you did this more passionately than anyone ever did before. So if you work hard, we may even get a new song or two in the continuation of the show on the hill!

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Rise of the Chaos Wizards

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