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Empyreal,  2019

As our second finalist for the Wacken Metal Battle, Empyreal are ready to show their teeth. Founded in 2012 as a then still unnamed studio project, it soon became clear that the blackened death metal squadron from Franconia needed to move on to a stage and in front of an audience. The last detail, a name, was soon found: Empyreal. And if you’re expecting something celestial: Rest assured, the quintet from the south is a brutal force of nature and no one should try to stop them.

Raving reviews of their first record “Psalms of Forlorn Hope” speak for themselves and get you in the mood for the upcoming “My own Living Hell.” The band comes across as very complex, combining black, death and thrash. Not possible? Not true. You want proof? Listen in on the songs „In Vain“ and „Psalms of Forelorn Hope.” If you feel like seeing the guys live, we have good news. Where would be a better place for a decent genre mix than up on the hill with us?

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