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Dust Bolt

Dust Bolt,  2019

Fans of aggressive Old School Thrash Metal probably already followed up on this band’s Dong debut and pulled out a map to make a big red X on Landsberg am Lech. Why? For the past 13 years, the thrashers of Dust Bolt have been roughing up the small town in Bavaria. In 2006, they were still high school students with a punk band called “Die Letzten,” but the thrash quartet consisting of Bene, Nico, Flo, and Lenny quickly changed their name to Dust Bold and made dramatic changes to their original musical style.

Ever since then, Dust Bold have been proud representatives for fast and uncompromising Bay Area thrash, studded with fresh ideas. No matter if they play support shows for Obituary or Six Feet Under, small club shows or big open air festivals: They always go full throttle, regardless of their young age, they’re not the type to take prisoners. One things is for sure: Once the dust settles, no stone will be left standing.

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