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Dragonforce,  2021

No later than after their legendary Guitar Hero III bonus song “Through the Fire and the Flames,” which most likely drove every player crazy, everyone knew: DragonForce guys like it fast. Already on their first album “Valley of the Damned,” their extreme power metal came across with such a fast pace, any comparison with other power metal bands easily labels them as an unstoppable high speed projectile.

Their most recent album “Extreme Power Metal” is a treat to all nerds – with “The last Dragonborn” - and romantics – “My Heart will go on” – alike. On stage, there is nothing the guys hate more than a standstill. So there’s no stopping them from using any kind of prop or stage equipment as a springboard, having them bounce all over the place. Racy riffs, neck breaking riffs, all you need for a proper whiplash. We hope you are just as excited as we are to welcome the London speed force on the hill!

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Highway to Oblivion

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