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Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog,  2019

As if the past 25 years had not passed. As if he hadn’t aged a day. This is how Dog Eat Dog frontman John Connor enters the stage to play hits like “No Fronts,” “Who’s the King,” and “Rocky.” Hits that actually deserve this title, that were actually played in the radio, when this was one medium, besides MTV, to learn about new music.

1994 was the year, the band from New Jersey made it with their album “All Boro Kings”, an album that also put them on the map in Germany. Alongside bands like Rage Against the Machine, H-Blockx, and the Guano Apes, they provided the soundtrack for the life of any teenager that loved the sound of a loud guitar – the most contemporary kind that triggers mental time travel. The saxophone and cooperations with Dio and RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan exemplified their unique ability to think outside the box.

It’s not just John, but also the rest of the band who still have ants in their pants, so do not miss out on the gig!

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Who's The King

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