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Dirty Shirt

Dirty Shirt,  2022

On stage, Dirty Shirt are a force to be reckoned with: Hard guitar sound walls, cool grooves, and complex Balkan rhythms that beats the hops from your pores! The Transylvanian blood throbs in these Romanian veins, loud enough to make even the shyest of you band you head. If you have seen them live, you know what metal can: Anything.

Since they founded their band in 1995, the guys from Seini have been serving a highly explosive cocktail of progressive, alternative, power, and hardcore and seasons the brew with Romanian folklore, funk, electro, and classical music. Growls, clean vocals, and choral elements in English, Romania, French, Serbian, and Hungarian, Dirty Shirt ignite the cauldron of cultures in the six studio albums the produced so far. Their second place at the Wacken Metal battle of 2018 was more than deserved. Conservative metal heads, listen up – Dirty Shirt will take to the Dong hill and remove any traditional scene insignia from your blood stream!

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Live at W:O:A 2019

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